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US/TU - The Urban Soil Tierra Urbana Limited Equity Housing Co-op (LEHC)

This is a legal organization that will allow for cooperative ownership of the LAEV buildings. A decent basic definition of LEHCs can be found here


The process of creating this organization has been ongoing for some time. An early timeline had us done by mid 2009. However, we persevere, and the following committees are making it happen, one puzzle piece at a time. For more info about what each piece does, how to contact them, and how to get involved, click on the appropriate link:

Contact info is on each individual page, or you can go to the list of Mailing Lists for info about these committees and others.


Urban Soil/Tierra Urbana by-laws (consensed upon in 2011 and amended in 2013) can be found here.
Earlier draft by-laws can be found here.

Service Repayment Loan Agreement

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USTU Narrative