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The Beverly Vermont Community Land Trust

The Beverly Vermont Community Land Trust (BVCLT) will be the leading organization in Los Angeles specializing in permanently affordable sustainable housing for those who are dedicated to a lower impact life style and have limited access to market rate housing (including those with lower wage jobs, on fixed incomes, or with disabilities).

The Mission of the Beverly Vermont Community Land Trust is to exercise land stewardship as the basis for creating pedestrian-centered neighborhoods emphasizing affordable housing, work and recreational spaces that are economically and socially sustainable, and that integrate urban living with nature.

Unlike other affordable housing organizations, BVCLT will ensure that the housing it builds or rehabilitates will remain accessibly priced beyond the first homeowners. This will be accomplished by using the community land trust (CLT) model through which BVCLT will retain the rights to the land upon which the home stands. When a homeowner wishes to sell the house, BVCLT will ensure the selling price is affordable, regardless of current market prices.

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Membership in the BVCLT is open to people who currently lease land, housing or commercial spaces from the corporation (Lessee Members) as well as anyone with an interest in the work of the BVCLT (General Members). Eligibility for membership requires attending an orientation meeting, payment of dues, and participation in at least 10 hours of training or service to the BVCLT.

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