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Mobility Talk

In October 2015, USTU members started talking about what cars meant in our lives. At our first meeting on October 21, we came up with a list of car pros and cons (see below), and decided we should continue the dialogue through skill sharing and developing a set of best practices for pro-social mobility in all its forms. L.A. Ecovillage has been a center of carfree culture in the region for a number of years, but we also have members who work in industries that depend on car use; we have members whose parents worked hard to give their kids the access to social mobility that car ownership represents for so many people; we have members who do not feel safe traveling home late at night outside of a car. As a community, we hope to develop a set of shared mobility values that respect intersectional perspectives and our ecological impact.

Next Steps
- Make this page (swish!)
- Host an update on Los Angeles transportation policy and projects
- Develop a set of best practices for multimodal, pro-social mobility
- Continue the work of the team who have been developing a car sharing system for members
- Host skill sharing workshops where people can give tips on biking, using transit, walking, etc. We want to start this within the community and then build it into something for the neighborhood and larger public.
- Keep the dialogue going through more meetings

Car Positives

Car Negatives