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2018-10-15 Meeting

USTU Meeting Oct 15 2018

Facilitators: Jimmy and Adriana
Present: Julio 2.0, Lois, Adriana, Cloe, Gemma, Carol, Josh, Jess, Claire, Joe, Bruce, Lara, Jimmy

Intros, go-around, gender pronouns. (3 min)

Agenda review (2 min)

Intro discussion: Does USTU have interest in hosting the Global Ecovillage Network - U.S gathering next year? (10 min)

    • Global Ecovillage Network North America (GENNA Alliance)
    • Group recently held a collaborative - see notes here http://goo.gl/genLSL
    • Purpose of conference: Make visible those who are doing community building work on the ground and build a regenerative network.
    • Potentially 50 people, we might house some of them
    • Potentially June or October 2019
    • ecovillage.org/regen

Potential decision: Proposal to create concierge position with stipend and form a hiring committee. See full proposal below. (30 min)
Switch Facilators, Adriana facilitating

2 points that community agreed on (per Lois):

1. part of a staff collective with periodic reporting to the community. Lois interprets this as a person that can be trained and the collective would be Jess, Mngt. Cmt. and the Concierge

2. Guest unit and any other available units

A: trying to hire a concierge to do the work that is volunteer based now; cleaning sheets, clean room,

Monthly stipend, not hourly. Per Lara, the stipend would be covered by the unit revenue …

Carol: Mngt. Committee did not agree to this. Also, did not agree to a leasing situation.

Lois made an assumption that the MC would be interested. The important point that there be good and fluid communication between Concierge and interested parties.

On second point: although it appears that we will be full soon, in 20 plus years, we never know when there will be a vacant unit. There are always gonna be vacancies; on average, we move every 5 years.

Hiring Committee would be a VC member, Board Member and Mngmt. Committee.

Josh: hiring committee to hire internally?

Lois: Yes.

Josh: Concern is the whole process and this item as it is presented. Not sure if he will concense to any of this.

Bruce: We consensed on this.

Adriana: We did not consense on this.

We are gonna go point by point and then we can bring up concerns as we go along …

Lara: are we leaving the door open to be more than one person for this post?

Adriana: trying to find consensus on the responsibilities and then test to see if there’s consensus generally.

Carrie: This person actually does laundry?

Answer: Yes.

Questa: Do we need to announce every guest?

Lara: We are not doing this.
number 10: post on List Serve if they are staying more than a week

Lara: AMENDMENT: Number 15: The income needs to be handled by the manager not the Concierge.

Lois: thinks it’s fine to have 2 people be responsible for this post.

Lara: The Over Night Agreement can be changed to reflect this as opposed to having

Carol: list of cleaning/point 10, as someone who lives here, appreciates posting who is here, even at a one-night stay.

Josh: seems like it’s not helpful to approve a 17-point list if we don’t have the basic idea of what we’re doing. Not sure about the pay structure. Internally, this can be less structured and we can do this internally.

Joe: Simpler hiring process and …

Adriana: calling time on this … suggesting that Josh and Lois talk outside this meeting.

Julio: suggests that we go point by point at the meeting …

Kyla’s Provisional Membership Decision in Closed Session (15 min)

    • Consensus: Approved
    • She’s ready – Adriana Swain 2018-10-16 03:47 UTC– Adriana Swain++++++
    • Passionate, has a lot to give
    • She’s thorough, good communicator, shares values
    • Questa: It would be nice to assign new members to a committee in general.

Claire’s 204 Room Request Decision (5 min)

    • Consensus: Approved

Next Fives (2 min)

    • Managment mtg tomorrow 6PM
    • Visitor committee Friday at 5:30 (maybe)
    • Nov 17th - BVCLT Retreat
    • Garden group meeting Saturday 3pm
      Super Suppahs
    • Get out the vote potluck next Monday 5-7:30pm
    • Lily’s super suppa Sat Nov 3rd


    • + Good sticking to what is written in the policy
    • + Good keeping us on track
    • + Good prep
    • - Lois, it made it difficult to get on board with you throwing out potential possibilities and not just sticking to the written
    • - Needed a stack keeper
    • - Should have had
    • - Need more enthusiasm when reading
    • - Felt dismissed when I made a suggestion re: new members joining community members


    • This Friday Naked Ladies clothing exchange 7pm
    • Los Angeles Intentional Committee Summit at Syncronicity Sunday 21st 2:30-6PM

Eval Popcorn (3 min)

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2018-10-01 Meeting

Meeting 10/01/2018

Facilitating: Yuki, Alex

Attending Members: Lara, Lois, Sam, Josh, Aurisha, Irma, Questa, Carol, Dilean, William, Jess, Jimmy, Michelle, Carrie, Joe, Maeve

Attending Guests: Lily, Beyondrea, Eliana, Austin, Phillip

Open Session
1. Intros - 5
2. Agenda Review - 5
3. Service Repayment Loan Update (Lois) - 10
4. Management Report (Management) – 20
1. M&R, vacancies, late rents, capital budget, form 990 update
5. Lily Green-light Interview (Questa) - 15
6. Song’s Updates - 15
1. Bike Bike (Jimmy)
2. Design Plan (Lois)
3. RFP (RFP)
7. Next 5s - 2
8. Eval from Guests - 3
Closed Session
9. Lily Green-light Decision - 10
10. Eval from Members – 5

Service Repayment Loan (Lois)
When we bought the buildings from CRSP, we got a loan from the CRA for 248,000 loan that was to be payed back in services instead of money.
CRA no longer exists. Now reporting to housing department (HCID LA) for city of Los Angeles. They reached out after LAEV didn’t report back for a few years. Received new form. It does not have a place for filling out hours, we might not need them anymore. Lois filled out most of it. Due October 8. Can someone help finalize and send?
Josh – Willing to check in. Zoe had been the last one to work on a report. She has some current numbers.
NEXT STEP: Lara will also help.
Phillip – Need to log hours very clearly, audit can always happen.
Lara – Have they told us how they will be retiring the 7 years loan?
Sam – Is there a sheet that shows what counts as volunteer hours and what doesn’t?
NEXT STEPS: Lara and Sam will bring back to discuss what counts and how to log.

Management Report
All rents payed except one. Spoke with that person. Speaking with two people working on back rents.
All holes in basement were sealed in 117.
Reports of low water pressure, which usually means corrosion. Mario will look into this.
Communal plungers. For NON-TOILET drains.
Remote function (calling phone) of front gate not working, spoke with a “Don” to fix.
Spoke with 5 people regarding roof. All said different things, but overall need to repair roof for leaks. Complete fix or spot fix. Rainy season coming.
DECISION: Requesting $2500 for spot repairs, capital budget
Interest earning account: %0.3 interest per month (%3.6 yearly, compounded.) FDIC Insured, interest bearing.
Lois: would like to see money moved to another credit union.
A: Open to suggestions.
Old accountant retired and son took over. Need to send over 990 Form.
Lois: Needs to go to board for review before going to accountant.
Reserve Study: Go with same service as in 2013
DECISION: $2500 for roof.

Lily Green-light Interview
Intro: Grew up in MD suburb, went to college in NH in computer science and Spanish. Recently moved to LA, living in Boyle Heights. Going to Grad School for AI for social good. Personally working on working against illegal poaching in Cambodia. Has car, non-negotiable, but conscious about using it. Has bike. Vegetarian since 9 years old and likes to cook.
Q: How do you deal with conflict? Example?
A: Lived in group settings throughout college. Value-oriented over people-oriented. Example, was part of freshman orientation group. 3 weeks in remote cabin. Had a conflict with one of the leaders. Was sophomore and issue was with senior. Senior wasn’t listening to Lily. She decided not to let it build up and instead spoke with her after dinner privately. The other woman was responsive to that.
Q: 1. Anything that surprised you about the Eco Village? 2. Current living situation?
A: 2. Living in Boyle Heights with good roommates, not in huge rush or panic to get out. Would prefer living in Eco Village and in Koreatown, but not in dire need.
1. Found out about Eco Village even before moving to LA. Has not been in an intentional community, but has lived communally. Has traveled to other countries as part of school and lived communally. Surprised to have been engaged but has not met a lot of members.
Q: What committees/projects are you interested in?
A: Interested in arts and decorating. Not a committee, but likes to cut hair. Knows conversational Spanish, would like to help Eco Village to be more bilingual.
Q: What would it take to get rid of your car?
A: Car owned by mom, not open to selling or getting rid of it. In long term, thinking about driving it back to Maryland and leaving it there.

Songs Updates
Bike Bike
Thank you all for all the help. Amazing amount of work. Big project to contain toxicity of floor. Luis went over to Community Wood shop and took sawdust to put on floor. Then power washed. Put in bin and will talk to Craig Campbell about how to handle. Jess did a lot on street painting, Joe helped out all day. Eco Village, Community folks, and even out of town folks all pulled through. Saturday night about 400 people. Apologies to those on the North Hallway for all the late night work and general noise pollution. So many skilled people participated. In the most car centric city in the world, put on the best bike party.
A: Does not know if it was recorded. Shade cloth will be kept up as long as possible.

Next 5s:
Facilitators: Adrianna and Eric
Meetings: Management 10/02/2018 at 6pm
Work Parties: None
Supa Suppas: None
Eco Care: TBD Jessica and Alex

Announcement: 5 Special Tours this week (please keep things tidy)

Eval from Guests
Positive: Good handwriting, good time management, organized

Change: None

Closed Session
Lilly Green-light Decision

Eval from Members
Positive: Nice handwriting, not overloaded in content, great plunger drawing, pleasant green-light interview, good facilitating/leadership skills, time management

Change: Lois asked about a car after Lily spent a lot of time talking about it, information on service repayment loan could have been more thorough

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2018-09-24 Meeting

USTU Community Meeting - 9/24/2018

William and Joe facilitating

Present: Kurt, Carol, Natalie, Questa, Sam, Jess B, Bruce, Kyla, Lara, Lily, Lois, Claire, Jess R, Gemma, Jimmy, Irma, Aurisha, Philip

1. Emergency Prep - Stop the Bleed - Carol - 10 mins
2. Bike!Bike! Updates - 20 mins
3. John Greenlight interview and decision (decision closed session)- 30 mins

1. Emergency Prep - Carol

Rampart Village Emergency Prop meeting - Breesee planning to host a disaster preparedness training. Date TBA. Eco Villagers are encouraged to go to this.

- LAEV has agreed to host an offshoot ‘stop the bleed’ 2 hour training led by trainer Carolyn Burleson. She comes highly recommended. This has already been approved. 18 people maximum; pre-reg required. It would take place in the lobby. Tonight’s item is to agree date.

- Carolyn prefers daytime but could do evening on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Could be done in lieu of a Monday meeting. Neighborhood Council would arrange translation; we would provide first aid supplies.

- Straw Poll: 13 present prefer Monday; 8 prefer Tuesday or Wednesday.

- Date floated for Monday November 12th in the lobby. Holiday weekend so no regular meeting. APPROVED.

- Carolyn would also like to arrange a street fair as part of larger disaster awareness training day in the future (probably 2020).

2. Bike!Bike! Updates - Jimmy - 20 mins

Updates: 350 people registered for Bike!Bike! Things falling into place with materials and food. Stage has been built with the help of Kurt. By Tuesday 25th team will be visiting the neighborhood to flyer. Breakfast will be available in Song’s at 8.30AM - 9.30AM. Workshops begin at 10AM. Lunch is 12-2 in Song’s.

Have design from artist for street painting. Lots of music featured from 10AM-5PM during painting.

Plan discussed to have eco villagers park near intersection to then clear their cars away, ready for intersection painting.

Thursday 6pm opening party at LA State Historic Park. Sunday is 100th CicLAvia? with LA Phil. 9AM-4PM

13 people will be staying in LAEV for 4 nights. In 202, 204 and camping in garden. Host committee for them is Jess B, Jess R, Jessica, John, Bruce. All registered attendees will be wearing a wristband; villagers advised to check that all present inside building are wearing one; otherwise ask them to leave.

Lois: requesting budget for paint. Special type that needs to be good for asphalt - 250 to 300 if we’re buying it. Can CRSP, BVCLT and USTU all put in 100 bucks each?

Lara: proposed that 300 dollars should come straight from USTU committee budget.

PROPOSAL: Up to 300 from USTU for paint if other organizations don’t contribute some cash. APPROVED.

3. Greenlight Interview for John Parcher - Kurt is liaison

Visual artist since a child. Became a professional visual artist before becoming a set-painter in LA. Currently in Waldorf teacher training - will finish in May 2019. He is raising twins - 9 year olds - they currently live with their mother. His divorce is currently in process in court.

John feels good about participating and engaging with people here. Together on a mission and helping each other. He came here 2 years ago on a tour and loved it.

Waldorf has made John passionate about facilitating creativity for children and he would like to contribute to that while he’s here.

John has a passion for cleaning.

DECISION - Community decided not to approve the greenlight phase at this time.

4. Eval/Next 4s

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