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2019-02-11 Meeting

Agenda 2/11/19
Facilitating: Questa and Yuki

Members: Yuki (facilitating), Questa (notes), Lois, Joe, Irma, Carol, Ellary, Kurt, Sam, Julio 2.0, Lara, Natali, Claire, Dilean, Tunde, Anaisa, Lily
Sublessees: Chloe, Gemma
Visitors: Nao, Beandrea, Jack, Leyla, Miles

Nao announces interest in membership - Questa
Share information with the community
Nao has a chance to speak to her interest in the community and perhaps take a couple of questions
Notes: Nao initially joined community because is interested in gardening, LAEV has much more to offer than gardening. Goals are similar to my goals. Coming to events and meetings has been grounding and educational. Not as present as I would like to be. Village is a safe space. Moved here November of 2017. Adulting. Learned a lot of life skills, how you all budget, discourse. Met really interesting characters who have introduced me to other things, such as Sam introduced me to Macio, went to gallery that was aligned with my personal values. When I couldn’t come around, it was because my schedule was very busy, ran into Kurt. Life keeps connecting me to LAEV. Would like to be more committed to this community.
No. I have a bike. I was inspired by one of Jimmy’s Karaoke parties.

10 minutes - request for 207 - Dilean
Decision requested
Background: Natali requested 207. Request on room, any competing requests. Joe expressed logic of how an exception can be made to the 2-year no move policy.
D: Artist, independent contractor – need space and more light to work. See my website for my work.
C: Noise?
D: tool used in toolshop. Wouldn’t want to create too much mess in my space.
Facilitator asks Dilean to step out
F: are there any other competing requests?

5 minutes - request for 109 - Natali
Share information with the community
Natali originally requested 207 on 1/5/19. Due to a competing request, she is requesting 109.
F: Now 109 is formally available. In the past, when a member is approved, the manager can move them into whatever unit is available at their discretion.
N: Can this be the formal request?
F: yes.
L: when were you thinking of moving in?
N: I can move in ASAP.
J: is 207 ready.
F: yes.
L: Dilean, have you been in 207? Paint is still out-gassing?
B: is there an order?
F: order of provisional membership date, Natali is next.
L: you don’t have much stuff?
N: bigger items in storage.
L: move in right away, once official, move the stuff in storage?
N: sure.
No concerns over having Natali move into the first available unit (109) until the decision can be finalized.

15 minutes - Eco Care Report - Alex
Share information with the community and get feedback
Separate into teams, report backs for January, plan and tasks for February
A: meet in groups
F: for five minutes
Yellow team: January – cleaned up the lobby; February – this Saturday 2/16/19, 12pm cleaning the community room with music
Green – we want to do a group email to try to convene, try to get everyone to work on one day, select one leader per month to convene the group.
Blue: Kurt, Sam and I are going to get together 2/23 to clean courtyard and kitchen. January – cleaned out kids condo, swept pavement.
Red: January – an inactive month except for Julio 2.0; February – we’ll meet monday to do area of garages.
C: Sweep lighting in outdoor kitchen so as not to remove the granite.

10 minutes - Beandrea Greenlight interview - Sam
Share information with the community
Beandrea has been in our membership process since 8/8/18 (her questionnaire can be reviewed here: https://urbansoil.net/wiki.cgi?Beandrea_Davis_Hidden).
She has completed the tour, orientation, and the credit check.
Share information with the Community
S: Beandrea’s been in process since August, tour, orientation, credit check.
B: is this where you ask about how you deal with conflict?
F: can happen.
B: I own a car, a prius, just paid off this year. Open to car sharing. Idea that cars are a big problem. I’d like to do some research to get on the same page as you? Right now seems like a “get off my lawn” thing. I don’t use my car very often – 10K miles/year. Not saying I wouldn’t be willing to give it up, just need to do research. I think there’s value in car sharing.
Oakland Bay - Non Violent Communication. Feelings and needs.
Direct person. Mindfulness practice. I’ll wait till the third thing happens – speak up then. Maybe you don’t know that person or their story – wait a little bit but will speak up on second or third time.
Assume best intent.
Don’t ask questions that you don’t want to hear no to. If I want something to do something, you have to be open to hearing no. If I can’t hear that, it’s not the right time to ask.
A few part time jobs. Work a lot from home. Don’t like that. Out of necessity. Strategically/consciously thinking about what needs to be done to sustain my life and commitments.
Grew up in Ohio. Lived in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Oakland
C: how do you imagine it’s like to live in an eco-village. What attracted you here?
B: comes out of spiritual practice. Like the idea of test case that can be replicated in the world. In Oakland I lived in something like an intentional community. Taken on role of trying to find community. We’re in a serious time in terms of climate change. If there’s ever a time to get serious, now’s the time.
S: what are you excited about getting involved here?
B: tours, facilitation, orientation
J: you said you worked a lot remotely – does that require internet?
B: yes
F: we don’t have super reliable internet.
J: do you have time to commit to the community?
B: yes. Fulfill my commitment. Strong allergy to ghosting.
L: restart NVC here?
B: open to talking about it.
A: What’s your vision for this community? What can you bring from your life?
B: I don’t have a great sense of what skill sets are missing.
J: plenty.
B: I’d be curious to hear what the idea skill set/energy is needed. In terms of me, more of a doer than interested in leadership. If people put out calls, I can show up for that. Don’t have aims of things that I want to accomplish, show up with hands and heart and answer that call. If I could afford my rent without working a second job, could dramatically change my life.
J: writer?
B: journalist, hard to make a living at that, part time thing. Full time job is in tech – product design company.
I: supportive role. Leyla said that actions are better than words.
B: remember when I was interviewing with Lois, I did an audio story on the Bimini Baths. I’m a massage therapist and do reiki.
L: how do you feel about being in front of the camera?
B: I like being on audio but not on film.

5 minutes - Sublet request - Anaisa/Lily
Share information with the community, get feedback, decision requested if possible
Anaisa plans to be gone from March through November
F: sublet request. Policy – anything beyond 3 months requires community decision. Questionnaire by subletter but in this case Lily is a provisional member so we already are familiar with her. Maximum amount of time that you are allowed to sublet – 24 mos out of 5 years. This lands within that.
9 month leave. Project in Columbia – restoration of land. Fundraising. Subletter is in line with the mission here.
L: excited to move in and become a resident.
F: Question? Concerns?

5 minutes – non member Eval
Love the meeting
Appreciate Irma translating
Beautiful to make decisions together
Beandrea presented well
Flowed well
Great facilitator
Warm energy

Closed session

15 minutes - Beandrea Greenlight Decision - Sam
Decision requested

5 minutes Next 5’s
Facilitators: 2/18/19 no meeting, 2/25/18 Josh & Jordan
Mgmt Tuesday 6p Aurisha’s
Garden Sat. 3pm
BVCLT has a new board - meetings every 2nd and 4th Sunday from 10a-12p for 2-1/2 months.
Thursday – community glue Lindy hop, meet at 7pm in lobby, carpool, $8
birthday party – Aurisha, Saturday night, 7:30p

Time permitting:

Aurisha/Elya is asking for 2 bunnies. Build a hutch outside of avocado alley kitchen window. Need running around space – maybe bring them over to the chicken coop during the day. Feeling anxious. Told Elya if Eco-Village says no, it’s okay. Will need help because I leave sometimes. Outside. In the chicken coop.
F: questions?
J: grandma used to have bunnies. Escape artists. Pee is really stinky. Health hazard, if close to window. So cute. Bite a lot and scratch a lot. Had to get rabies shots. They burrow.
S: been a lot of talk in the chicken care committee, maybe that’s something than can help distract Elya.
A: Elya doesn’t get distracted.
L: Urban homestead in Pasadena – integration of chickens and bunnies. Work with animal care committee with integrating them into the chicken run.
A: these bunnies are neutered adults. Small, kitten sized. Part of animal care, Elya and I can be a part of that committee. If you see this as more of animal care? I’d feel better about it.
S: let’s start off with the chickens and see how that goes and then integrate bunnies later. Come to an animal care committee.
L: we’ve had bunnies in past. Wonderful, sweet animals. Poop is valuable for gardens. The only poop that can get put directly on the plant. Terrific garden animal. Very compatable with chickens. Most important thing is teaching the children animal care. Accountable to animal care committee.
A: I’ve been researching hutches. $109. Maybe we could put it in same area. 72 inches long.
L: don’t want to lock them up.
A: for night.
Y: rabbit poop. I’ve gone from the valley to get rabbit poop to put in compost. It’s gold.
N: LA animal service – buckets with newspaper, train bunnies to go in there, then separate out. Deadline?
A: ready in a month, maybe?
No decision

5 minutes Eval
Next 5’s usually happen before nonmembers leave
packed agenda – did a good job of keeping time
good phrasing – good flow
good context around room request and sublet requested
Eco Care – might have been good to toss out what Eco Care is
appreciate drawings

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2019-02-04 Meeting

Notes Urban Soil Tierra Urbana board mtg
4 February 2019
Faciliation/notes: Irma and Joe

Board present: Joe, Josh, Yuki, Lois, Lara, Jimmy, Aurisha
LAEV members present: Carrie, Julio (younger), Kyla, Kurt, Sam, Lily, Natali, Rae, Alex, Philip, Dilean, Garick, William, Adriana, Bruce, Carol
Staff present: Jess
Others present: Audrey

2-Agenda review

3-Capital Budget – Jess
Roughly $300+ capital reserve. Top priority is roof – estimate $50K plus $12K. Second priority is 117 window replacement estimated at $75K. Another priority is termites estimate $7K. Also stucco repair/paint for both buildings estimated at $30K. Also needed but not funded – re-piping, solar. Questions raised included: earthquake repair, prioritization, lead vs. vinyl.

Proposal: approve 2019 calendar year capital budget in general priority order:
$50K – Roof
$15K – Gutters
$75K – Windows
$7K – Termites
$30K – Stucco Repair
- - -
$177K total

Approved by consensus: Approved $177,000 capital budget, with roof and gutter first priority. Windows, termite, and stucco repair budget approved but not yet prioritized, pending further decisions and discussions and decision. Lara stands aside over perceived needs/benefits of doing other things for windows.

4-Announce interest in owner-membership: Questa and Irma express interest in going from renter-member to owner member.

5-Announce FLAG – Jimmy will host guest family in his unit through March 4th.

6-Sponsorship for CBE March 7 dinner. Yuki: lowest sponsorship rate is $250. Possible that some combination of individual donations and community funds. Lois proposes $250 from USTU and/or funds from CRSP and/or BVCLT.

7-Approved by consensus : USTU members approve $250 sponsorship payment to Communities for a Better Environment – with potential for additional funds to be raised from other individuals or groups. Lois stands aside due to lack of cooperation between USTU, BVCLT and CRSP.

8-Space request – March 9 Trade School Clothing Swap – Sam
Event 6-8pm, with one hour buffer. Approved by consensus

9-Space request – Feb 16 – Wrap Party for The Pantheon
Event 3:30 - 8:30 including setup and cleanup – approved by consensus – in courtyard, unless rain, then in lobby.

10-Rent Arrears issue
One renter member is significantly behind on rent. Management committee proposes that community take steps to remedy the situation.
Approved by USTU board consensus: USTU board empowers management committee to take steps toward relocation - either by eviction or cash for keys - and directs management committee to report back to board for board decision before any final relocation action is taken. One boardmember stood aside due to board not sufficiently taking extenuating circumstances into account.

11-Next 5s, Eval

Next facilitators: Questa and Yuki
Brunch Saturday 11am Food Lobby - Carol
Yoga wed+Friday - Questa
New eco-care month - Alex
Movie night wed 7pm – Dilean

Good summarizing

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2019-01-28 Meeting

William and Sam facilitating

Present: Lara, Julio 2.0, Kurt, Philip, Questa, Rae, Kyla, Sam, William, Jess B, Carol, Natali, Jimmy, Bruce, Lois, Joe, Carrie, Aurisha, Irma, Chloe, Gemma, Ellary, Yuki, Claire, Audrey, Eric, Ana Paula, Josh,

Natali room request

Natali is requesting 207. Room is meant to be ready mid next week according to Jess.

2. Leyla and family accommodation discussion

Leyla and her family are currently seeking asylum in the US and have been in the guest unit since Jan 20th. Carrie is proposing that:

USTU will house Leyla’s family free of charge thru Feb 3rd
If they haven’t found housing by then USTU would house them in the guest unit for free for an additional two weeks

Sam has spoken to others that had the guest unit booked and they have confirmed that they’re willing to rehouse the guests that are scheduled until Feb 17th.

Gemma thanked everyone for the support we’ve shown to their family. For the past week she and Chloe have been taking Leyla and family around to different legal and medical appointments and also doing fun activities. (TBC in closed session)

3. Change of start time for Monday night meeting

Carrie is proposing that we move the start time of Monday USTU meetings to 7pm from 7.30pm to make it easier for parents to attend.

Julio 2.0 - thinks it would be hard for his schedule but he’d be OK with scheduling around the changes. Might be late.

Jimmy - in favor of this starting earlier. Thinks it will encourage more people to participate.

Aurisha - has compassion for it but due to schedule would miss all of the meetings for work.

Irma - would be for it.

Bruce - has a question about whether change to potluck time has has a positive impact. Answer from Ana Paula is that has. Bruce is therefore in favor of it.

Josh - he’s in favor of it but would also struggle to make it with his schedule. Has concerns that we would be messing with a tradition and that we would still go to 9.30 even if we change it.

Jimmy - feels that if we can’t change this meeting time then parents should receive support in some other way.

Ana P - could we alternate the start times during each month to make it possible for parents to at least come to some meetings?

Philip - should we change the meeting to 6.30?

Yuki - feels like we should take time to talk through it and include people from both sides of the argument for helping us to talk through it.

Sam - thinks we could have it at 7pm and not disrupt things too much if we leave decision items until later in each agenda.

Lara - would consider 7pm but not 6.30. Thinks it would be wise to focus on setting up childcare first without changing the time

Space Request Food Lobby, either #201 or Courtyard
Every second saturday, at least through March
10 AM - 12:30 PM
Some may be fundraisers, some may be free, some may be workshops (food handling etc)

Julio 2.0 Garage Space Request
We are treating this the same way we are doing a room request
Jess: Somer began taking out the stuff from the space no updates when he is coming back to finish clearing out, Fabian also has stuff there, and I would like to encourage him to clear out, because he is not paying rent
Space is $77/month
Julio took over from his boss for his business, and also took all his boss’ stuff, so his apartment is FULL
Julio has requested garages for a long time, and has been continually been denied
Julio believes that Somerset was there, not paying rent
Julio says if rent is $77/month, then Julio does not want it.
Therefore, request has been retracted
Aurisha: is the past, we have tried to used the garages as communal spaces, not as individual spaces
Bruce: I am in favor of the co-op using the space effectively, using the space to create jobs, and maintain jobs. Was Somerset supposed to be paying rent, and there was a miscommunication?
Josh: we never agreed that he couldn’t pay rent, but his didn’t because there was a miscommunication between Sandy and Somerset
Carrie: I think this is connected to a discussion about parking
Jess: it could be used for a large materials storage space. We are already running out of space to store things. Organized, of course
Yuki: we don’t have any formal criteria around this, but making sure that it is a space that gets active usage. Against individual use, or storage, but I like Jess’ idea
Ana Paula: I think we need to address privilege, space use, and money. I am hearing resentment.
William: would you be willing to convene a space to talk about that?
Ana Paula: yes.
Jimmy: I hear what Ana Paula is saying, and I see it as the elephant in the room. I would love to have that conversation. But, I would love to foster a steward for the space. Also, I would love to see money coming into the community while we wait.
Sam: video studio/music studio
Lois: Somerset provided a lot of services for US/TU, as well as Julio has
William to conclude, Julio has withdrawn his request Ana Paula has brought up a good point about privilege that needs to be discussed further, and anyone else can bring their proposals the community

Chicken Coop needs $200 to finish chicken palace
WIlliam: update on the coop
Jimmy: “T” posts are in around the fencing, making siding, fabricating doors, we are hoping to be done within a month. Going to come out of US/TU budget
Carol: Is it just $200 for the materials? Or is it for chicks and feed for the rest of the year, too?
Jess: No, just materials.
Carol: so you will have to come back when you want chickens and feed?
Jess: Yes.
Lois: did you check with Interior Remodeling Specialists for plywood?
Jimmy: not yet, we will
Josh: Take it out of Eco-tech?
Jimmy: yes

Natali: I thought you kept the meeting going well

Next Fours
Management conmmittee Tuesday night
Capitol budget discussiong on Saturday
Super Supper: Rae, Sunday morning workout and brunch at 9:30 in front of toolshed, HIT (High Intensity Training)
Super Supper: Jimmy - BICIPARANDA - SATURDAY
Work Parties
Facilitators: Joe and Irma



We amended the proposal to say: the community approves Gemma’s guests to stay in unit #119 until Feb 3rd free of charge. PROPOSAL APPROVED WITH 1 STAND ASIDE.

Reason for stand aside: feels that it sets a bad precedent to retroactively approve community activities

After that time it will be Gemma’s responsibility to find them other housing. Members of the community who are able to offer space to the guests after this point should reach out to Gemma directly.


Very well facilitated for a very difficult meeting.
Want to have consistent note-taking on the board between facilitators - sometimes rigorous and other times not.
Some confusion about where the second half of the proposal went
We needed more time overall.

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2019-01-14 Meeting


Facilitators: Becca and Questa

Present: Lara, Audrey (guest), Kyla, Nao (in membership process), Natali, Jess B., Tunde, William, Ronnie (guest), Carol, Bruce, Sam, Garik, Lois, Irma, Dilean, Jess R., Charlie, Yuki, Kiran (in membership process), Dustin (guest), Ellary, Alex, Joe, Maeve, Eric, , Claire, Anai

P = Presenter
F = Facilitator

Consensed items:
Tunde’s 28th birthday game night space request for more than 25 people is approved for 2/9/19, 6:30p-11:59p.
USTU agrees to write a letter in support of the People Streets project that CRSP is spearheading
USTU agrees that they support the People Streets project knowing that all of the specifics haven’t been worked out yet

Agenda review
Decision Requested Tunde’s game night/birthday – requesting Community room 2/9/19 – Tunde (5 minutes)
Tunde is expecting more than 25 including Ecovillagers
P: Tunde turning 28. Wants to invite friends and family. Asking for Community room. 2/9/19, 6:30p-11:59p.
F: responsible for putting things back where they were?
P: yes. It’s a potluck, bring something to eat.
Joe: you want us to give you something on your birthday?
Joe: last year it ended too early just when it was getting roaring.
Jess R: smaller birthday party earlier that day. So get ready to party all day long. It will be small. Haven’t requested yet. Won’t interfere.

We told some jokes while Dilean and Anaisa get ready

Beautification committee (13 minutes)
Share information with the community and get input or feedback
Introduction to beautification committee vision for lighting the courtyard, Pinterest board
Anaisa and Dilean presenting
P: Fantasizing about how we can get more use out of the courtyard more times of the year and especially after dark.
Light up Magnolia tree with solar powered lights
Hoping to make some changes to courtyard, momentum of chicken coop changing
We want to see if there’s interest in doing something like this
Carol: is the lighting just to light up the tree or also the area underneath it?
P: we are open to ideas, I had originally thought a string of lights that wrap around and also a string of lights coming from each corner. Create central focal piece. Some people like to be in the dark in the courtyard so it will be something you can turn off and on.
Carol: idea – create a trellis with seating on inside and plants growing on outside in two sunny areas in seating area instead of using umbrellas which keep falling over.
Irma: lighting shouldn’t constrict the tree. Lighting that shines down instead of out would be great.
F: so people living upstairs wouldn’t have light pollution?
P: I haven’t seen strings of light that go down.
Irma: just if you were going to use lightbulbs.
Lara: solar lights that hang down from trees.
Lois: gas heaters?
P: started with idea of tree and then idea grew. Chicken coop moving to other side, that area that it was, wouldn’t it be great to have a little deck made of recycled material – outdoor living room with heaters, use space all year round. Vertical garden. Herb spiral. So many things we want to do. Taking this in phases. Start with lighting of tree.
Jess B: lights that turn on and off on timer. Like the idea of doing something where the chicken coop is now.
Jess R: another group meeting or online discussion? Share in smaller group?
Dilean: come to Beautification committee meeting.
F: next steps.
P: now moving toward doing something more structures. Will announce when we are coming together. More opinions, gets harder, but we want to hear from people, so please join us.
F: will also come back at some point.
P: yes.
F as member: Courtyard improvement will require feedback.
Lara: good repurposing of chicken area, hot tub or aquaponics.
F: could you post pinterest on listserv.
P: yes.

Decision Requested Community Glue committee formation announcement – Dilean (15 minutes)
Dilean would like to form an official committee in order to be eligible for money to fund potential ideas. I.e. nonviolent communication workshops, etc.
F: what’s an official committee vs an ad-hoc committee, Questa and I looked on wiki and crowd sourced some of the information. No clear guidance, there is some flexibility. If a committee wants money about $40-$50, historically it comes back to the general meeting.
P: Excited about bringing some community activities. Jimmy mentioned that I should come to meeting and make it an official thing. Confused about what I’m supposed to do. What I desire is to see your beautiful faces more and do more community activities. Talking about having some nonviolent communication projects. Conscious lifestyle programming such as zero waste.
F: anyone else working with you on this?
P: Dani and I have talked about horror nights but realizing that people may not be into horror. Lots of people have come up to me with ideas. I would like to create more activities that bring us together.
Yuki: excited this is happening. Not everything needs to go through this committee – we plan parties.
P: I’m good at keeping people reminded of things. I feel that I always have to be on top of people, not a fun job.
Sam: Trade school. Group that’s outside of space, perhaps this committee can set up a liaison for this.
P: I’m open to anything. Reached out to see what’s been done, didn’t get a lot of feedback.
Jess R: I’ll help.
F: we don’t need to consense on this item?
Crowd: no.
F: Are you asking for money?
P: not at this time.
F: next steps?
P: conscious living workshop. This Friday, Dani and I will be screening Three Identical Strangers 7pm.

Discussion of LAEV support of teacher’s strike and proposal to allow teachers and allies on the picket lines at Virgil and neighboring schools to use community room bathroom – Garik (10 minutes) *
Share information with the community and get input or feedback

“Never been prouder or more honored to be a part of this community than today. Especially want to thank all the parents and kids.” - Garick

The proposal wasn’t prohibited – and name that folks have been making individual choices – to help escort teachers to the bathroom. The one thing that may need a decision – we made signs saying LAEV supports LAUSD – didn’t use them – will use other signs if no decision made.

Lara – If we have a sign that had names of one of our organizations – we would need decision, but LAEV isn’t a legal entity. I feel good about it.

Lois – LAEV is a place name for our two block neighborhood – don’t necessarily think we need buy in, but if we said USTU, BVCLT, CRSP, then we would probably need it. I’d like to have a sign that did specify those groups under the LAEV name.

Eric – Would be good to support other schools – Dr. Samuel Lee and Frank Del Olmo in additon to Virgil – divide our support up, can do over email.

Yuki – Even though we don’t need formal decision, I also don’t want people generally to use LAEV name (if outside community) so would like to hear if concerns re: using signs.

Questa as facilitator asks for concerns.

Bruce – seems everyone is in support. What can we do? Is providing bathrooms enough? Getting in out of rain? Coffee? Is that all? Are we formally doing this?

Questa as facilitator - More formal organizing? Can anyone organize this as a meeting? Or is it over email? So far it’s not formalized, it’s been individuals asking.

Michelle - Only concern is re: formal relationship is the garden – BVCLT – don’t want to jeopardize the garden.

Jess R. - Autumn, Dani and Jess took out coffee and let folks use the restroom and let folks come in. Feel free to join tomorrow in handing out coffee.

Joe – I read Bruce’s email and didn’t get to respond prior – bathroom use with a community liaison could be handled under our meeting policy. Would be good if the point people can communicate – who is point person for each shift, and what to expect. If any problems, then that liaison can be the person to approach. Don’t think we need community permission to let community members let other people use the bathroom.

Lois – use LAEV.org on the signs and folks will learn more about us. Plumbing is sensitive – put signs in bathroom.

Garick says he will deal with signs.

Yuki – Support tea – multiple centers of initiative. Would like to stay away from doing meetings and just empower multiple centers of initiative.

Garick and Carrie are cleaning the bathrooms every night, if you want to help, let them know. Also passing around a sign in

Eric – Let teachers know you support them even if you don’t have kids. They are taking a big risk. Their opponents have a bigger mic.

Decision Requested People Streets Discussion - Audrey/Lois (25 minutes) *
CRSP seeks approval from USTU to submit an updated proposal and provide an updated USTU letter of support for the people streets application package.

Lois gave background – we were ahead of our time – weren’t selected but are now encouraged to reapply. CRSP has since acquired Song’s. The proposal that we want to make is …

Deadline 1/31/19 – only needs to have location and basic project description. Would be good to introdue Audrey (CRSP intern) and she will discuss options we are considering.

Questa clarifies that Lois is looking for a letter of support from USTU from in concept – does USTU support the street closure?

 Ultimately looking for USTU to partner with CRSP on the People Streets project. 

Audrey - Letter is required – needs support from USTU – in concept. Plaza would close down a redundant/under used part of street so that it could be pedestrian/people friendly.

Audrey presents map of a few options.

Option 1: 1st Street to alleyway with a lane to access Whitehouse Pl.

Option 2: Just White House place to 1st Street closed

Option 3: White House Place to alley closed

-Location and project description and history needed/wanted by 1/31/19. Had provided support from many people for previous application.

Do we support this in general?
Which of these do we like?
Do we support this letter in concept?

-Bruce – grant money we don’t have yet – let’s support and if we don’t like the strings, then we don’t need to accept. Do support the letter and keep specifics to a minimum, come back to community to work out specifics later. Let’s try to get the money
-Carol – Have concerns about the structure – leaves the alley open to traffic – alley has been used increasingly as a road, postal/package, messenger using alley as a road. Becoming more dangerous. Closing access will increase use of alley. Would like to see something that addresses alley first and then others.
-Kiran – utilization – what would it be? What would the rate of utilization be?
-Joe – support along the lines of what Bruce says. Worried that City has looked at previous applications and think we have been too pie in the sky. Responding to Carol – the non red options – closing part of the street will help reduce alley traffic. The fewer cars coming into the neighborhood, the fewer cars cutting through. A design that closes the alley may make it more difficult to permit because we would need the strip mall owner to sign off on it.
-Jess – would be interested in what is most likely to pass

Questa does straw poll:
1st Option – 8-9
2nd Option – 11
3rd Option – 10-11

Lara – let’s decide on letter

Yuki – hard to do a straw poll unless have discussed pros and cons. Have a question on the alley. Audrey would be person to follow up with in addition to Lois.

Lois – will schedule a gathering for folks to join in.

Decision – do we in concept support the project and write a letter? The draft will go out on the listserve prior.


Garik asked what was just consensed upon – Questa clarifies that USTU agrees to write a letter in support of the People Streets project that CRSP is spearheading and asks for consensus again considering that there was some confusion

Item consensed again

Discussion on next retreat - Yuki (5 minutes)
Pass around date poll

Sending around a poll for next retreat. Some things will come back. Affirming the team. Same team except Claire doesn’t have enough time, seeking others based on a set of criteria.

“It’s gonna be wild!” --William

April 19-21

April 28-30

May 3-5

Next Fives (5 minutes)
Facilitation team 1/28/19 Irma and William (no meeting 1/21/19)

Facilitation teams are changing! Facilitators check the schedule!

Work parties – Garden group – Saturday 3-5 pm
Chicken coop building – Saturday and Sunday 10-2:30

Committee Meetings -
Management committee – meeting tomorrow 6-7:30

Suppah Suppahs – not as of right now

Eco Care – Look at the color coded chart!

Lois - RVNC – tomorrow 6:30 pm – need Eco Village candidates – three of our supporters not running. Very important!!!!! January 22nd is last day to register – go to the website to register - EmpowerLA?.org/run

Eval (5 minutes)

Maeve – Money – she is thinking she has a lot of money – she is a teacher (in reference to art piece)
Joe – Yuki got cut off in the discussion of the People Streets – approve in concept in a letter in reality, do we all agree – a better way to phrase is “does anyone have concerns” - you were reading the room right but the process should be to ask for concerns.
Bruce – some of these issues – assumed contentiousness – don’t do this
Alex – took subjects – the folks didn’t have a clear path and you got them narrowed in
Yuki – appreciated the full disclosure during teacher strike intro and acknowledging your ability to be objectively facilitate
Claire – good energy – laughter
Alex – jokes were great
Lara – had agenda memorized
Kiran – first meeting – very impressed and pleased to be here, great facilitation

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