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LA Eco-Villagers

Some of those who live or have lived at the LA Eco-Village (in no particular order):

Note that not all LA Eco-Villagers choose to have an online presence for various reasons, this list is just a sample of some that are comfortable with it. Be cautious of adding persons to the list without their consent.

Visiting Eco-Villagers:
If you are visiting the Los Angeles Eco-Village feel free to leave your name here, create a page and write a little about yourself. We know, it’s not facebook but it’s kind of cool too.

Eco-Villagers at heart
Folks who used to live here and are now elsewhere

T.H. Culhane
Esfandiar Abbassi
Edward Locke
Tina Wang
Nikki Henderson
Dedan Gills
Jill Sourial
Katherine Kwon
Khara Alii
Camille Cimino
Diana Sachs
George Foster
Anna Bullen
Uli from Spain
Jesse Moorman