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Garden Club

Garden Group meeting 7/16/16

attending: Lara, Yuki, Shaila, Carol (facilitate & notes) Adriana, John, Bambi (guests)

Purpose: to Identify Garden Group Domain & Aims

Reviewed US/TU mission statement & core values & observed that what we do in the garden group has potential to align with them.

1. Domain Maintain gardens & plants on US/TU properties.


     Grow and utilize food for ourselves & neighbors
     Utilize a variety of organic based growing practices
     Aesthetics and safety
          Prune & maintain established plants, with the exception of pruning trees that require special equipment and skills
          Accountability: garden-group embers commit to 2-3 hours gardening per week.
          Approve & regularly review stewarded areas
          Coordinate plantings
          Approve planting of large plants and installing large potted plants
          Maintain tools & equipment
     Develop calendar of routine garden tasks
     Gain garden proficiency while living here
          Evolving skills aim for best practices

2. Domain Interface with us/tu community and public

         Through signage that provides information &/or directions
         Include as part of an expanded orientation for new members
         Community mentoring
     Engage non-gardening community through variety of supportive roles
     Work with managers & tenants when gardening tasks affect areas around tenants' apartments. 

3 Financial self sufficiency for gardening necessities (tools, plants)

      Aim to raise money through public education programs &/ or parties

4 Manage Compost for both properties

      Aim for 100% food scrap composting

5. Continue monthly meetings and work parties

      Aim for a variety of tasks including some for people without gardening skills

Garden Group 2016

Stewardship Guidelines
Agreed Jan. 18, 2016

Information below this line needs revising


Edit this list to show who the garden stewards are for each area!

How about this as a format:
X. Name of Area (suggest not using a person’s name - like “Maria’s Garden” - instead use a location - like “northeast courtyard”)

    Name of best contact person for that area
    Description of what's going on there (date of entry)
    (would be cool to have photo/s, too! - can they be linked to the map?)

1. Sloped Area where alley meets sidewalk

    Joe Linton
    Small California native garden with sage, poppies, yarrow, and yellow-eyed grass. (7/2/2008) 

2. Upper Cactus Garden along alley

     [no steward currently]
    Mature jacaranda tree, persimmon tree, cactus, and bird of paradise (a good-for-nothing weed with vile invasive roots, in Joe's opinion).  Maria harvests the cactus fruit. (7/2/2008)

3. Southeast Area adjacent to Bimini Terrace Building

     [no steward currently]
    Rue, jade-plant, and other shrubs. (7/2/2008)

4. Urbanite Terraces in SE corner of Bimini Terrace yard

    Joe Linton
    Terraces constructed June-July 2008.  These terraces capture rainwater that would run onto the sidewalk, and focus water on the peach and tangerine trees (and propbably also, soon, the persimmon tree - in area 2).  Currently lower terrace is sprouting radish, mizuna, carrots, and second terrace is growing corn and beans, and third terrace is under construction. (7/2/2008)
    Joe has been starting to call this area "Las Trincheras" - trinchera is a word used in Mexico to mean stone-wall reinforced terraces or check dams.  Perhaps it would be good to make and install a small sign naming the area. Joe had been calling "Banca Madre" aka the mother bench... somewhat in jest.  Hoping that "Las Trincheras" sticks. (7/7/2008)

5. Sunken Garden in Bimini Terrace Lawn

     [no steward currently]

6. Central Front Bimini Terrace garden along Sidewalk

    Somer Waters
    Currently growing squash and kale.  Trees in this area include a cherimoya, two plum and a sapote. (7/2/2008)

7. Apple Tree garden in Bimini Terrace Yard

     [no steward currently]

8. Bimini Terrace Hose Spigot Area

     [no steward currently]
    Palm tree and various shrubs.  A fair amount of oxalis grows in this area.  It can be a weed that's very difficult to get rid of, but the leaves are good in salad; they taste lemony. (7/2/2008)

9. Bimini Terrace North Front Garden

    Joe Linton and Somer Waters
    Trees in this area are fig, guayaba, and a plum (that looks like it's on its last legs.)  Joe currently growing veggies: artichoke, strawberry, onion, tomatoes, basil, kale, beans, cantalope, watermelon, peppers, beets, eggplant, carrots, mizuna - and some herbs: lemongrass, lemon verbena, thyme, oregano, yarrow, summer savory, mint, chives, garlic chives.  Somer currently growing kale, tomatoes. (7/2/2008)

10. North Area Adjacent to Bimini Terrace Building

    Maria Vasquez
    Growing roses. (7/2/2008)
15. Lara Morrison, pots around chicken enclosure
16. Brad, eastern part. Lara, western part.
17. Community, Southern part (currently watered by Jimmy, Ann, and Julio). Lara, Northern part.
19. Brad, large wooden worm bin

20. Brad, across the sidewalk from tool shed up to first plum tree

21. Avocado Alley


23.Bimini Terrace Back area (the South Garden)

   Brad, urbanite raised bed.

25. Lara, citrus trees in pots

26. Behind gate, west end

    George Patton, rare pomegranate tree.  Federico is currently experimenting with ways to get less trash from passersby on the alleyway accumulating in this corner.

A. South Tree Well in Bimini Terrace Sidewalk

   Nobody (Joe's thinking about it, but makes no claim)
   Peach tree and lots and lots of devil grass. Someday Joe plans to weed this... and maybe plant chives or something nice... but it looks like a lot of work.(7/2/2008)

B. North Tree Well in Bimini Terrace Sidewalk

   Joe Linton
   Apple tree with native wildflowers - mostly California Poppy and some yarrow.(7/2/2008)

C. Bulbout in front of Bimini Apartments

   Urbanite planters interplanted with yarrow and thyme, etc. and log seating installed and built by many members of the community and other guests.  Bobby is currently gardening the artichokes, herbs, and other plants.  Some rogue heirloom Mayan corn was also planted.
   There are some city-planted macadamia nut trees, originally watered by Esfandiar and Homeyra. See early blog entry about the area here: http://laevgarden.wordpress.com/2008/12/03/beginning-the-bulbout/

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