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LAEV Food Coop

LAEV Food Co-op Wiki Page

This is the official web presence of the forming LAEV food co-op. Please look here for information, resources, meetings, and web sign-up for work-shifts.

About Us

The LAEV food co-op, also known as the Food Lobby, is a fairly informal food cooperative and food buyers club located in Koreatown at the Los Angeles Ecovillage, near 1st st and Vermont Ave, at 117 Bimini Pl. Members may order boxes of fresh produce on a weekly basis, stop in the Bulk Room to buy other foods during open hours on Sunday afternoon and Monday evening, and/or order larger amounts of bulk foods monthly from Azure Standard, a distributor. We have no pay-for-membership members; all our members are asked to work one 1.5 to 2 hour shift once a month. More Food Coop Specifics

Produce Boxes

We buy fresh produce in bulk from local organic farms (much of our produce is organically raised but not certified organic). Once a week on Sundays the food is delivered to the LA Ecovillage, and a few of our members (we rotate) get together to distribute the produce into individual boxes. The boxes are then made available for pickup anytime after 4 PM on Sunday.

Want to Join?

If you’ve checked out the info on this page, are ready to join up, please contact Brit at brit.manor (at)

Bulk Buy Info

We buy in bulk from Azure Standard and every four weeks. Info about how to sign up for the order is on the grocery bulk buy page. We do not split orders, so if you only want a few items, you can buy them in the Bulk Room.

Bulk Room

We also buy bulk foods such as grains, beans, nuts, and spices from Azure Standard as well as local farmers and producers. Members can purchase these products every Sunday 2:30 - 4:30 and every Monday from 5:30 to 6:30. You need to make an investment to help us cover the cost of buying inventory (suggested $10 - $100). Any money that you don’t use for food can be refunded at any time. See a list of items currently available in the Bulk Room
on this Google doc.

If you’re working in the bulk room and you need a review of some conversion math for getting between pounds and ounces, check out this web link about dimensional analysis

Work Shifts

One definition of a Cooperative is one in which each member contributes equally to make the work get done. To be a part of this co-op, and to allow us to operate with such little overhead costs, each member needs to work one 1.5 - 2 hour shift every 4-5 weeks.

To view a list of various workshifts available, check out Workshift List.
If you are coordinating a Sunday Shift, look at the Food Coop Coordinator Instructions. Please also check out Additional Produce Box Workshift Instructions.

If you have a question about workshifts, please contact Misha at mckinneym626 (at)

Email List

Our primary mode of communication will be digital. We have connected an LAEV public computer for those who need access, both for this project and others. Along with this web site, we have a mailing list to which members should subscribe. Request to join the google group "LAEV-food-coop" at google groups for more info.


The regular meeting is on hiatus, determined via the email list. The meetings are at the LA Eco-Village, 117 Bimini Pl, 90004. Here is the current Food Coop Meeting Agenda, please feel free to add any agenda items, signed with your name. To find notes,from previous meetings or post new,
notes please visit Food Coop Meeting Pages.



Please leave use comments, suggestions, requests to donate time space, or money, etc on the Food Coop Comments Page, or post to the listserv.